Prevent Electrical Hazards with the Doble TR3100 Circuit Breaker Timer

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Overloading is the most common cause of fires in electrical systems. Circuit breakers help prevent electrical systems from burning out. Keeping them well maintained is very important.

Electrical power systems need to be checked for faults or for possible hazards because this can seriously damage your equipment and property. Unexpected electrical failures add to a business’ operating costs thereby decreasing your efficiency. This would be prevented if the source of the problem is detected early.

circuit breaker timer is a testing tool used to determine if the circuit breaker is still in good working condition. One of the most common tools used is the Doble TR3100. It accurately measures the travel time of the contacts from closed to open, the velocity of the contacts when it trips, grading capacitor values and insertions resistor values. It displays the test results through its LCD screen and you can also print out the results using its built-in thermal printer.

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