Prevent Delays Caused by Bad Cables with AC Hipot Testing

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High voltage cables need constant testing because of the stress they undergo. Voltage transients, environmental elements and other factors contribute to their deterioration. Bad cables can draw too much current from the power system and damage other electrical components. This can cause unexpected delays and add to operational costs. 

One of the most common tests done on cables and insulation of other electrical components is AC high potential test. This test applies a voltage slightly higher than the cables’ rated voltage for a certain period. Leakage current is measured and monitored for any sudden increase. An ideal insulator should isolate well and let the cable hold the voltage. Nicked cables, frayed strands, solder flux and other contaminants can cause current to flow. A partially conducting insulator can cause arcing and burn the remaining insulation. It can also add to the load of the power system and increase power losses. AC hipot detects small damages which could get worse if undetected. This saves time and avoids possible delays which may happen when operation is interrupted because of faulty equipment.

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