Prevent Delays by Detecting Problems Early with a Circuit Breaker Timer

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Circuit breakers should be quick in tripping the current on overloaded conditions. Slow reaction time can cause damage to other equipment connected to the power system and maybe a serious hazard to   personnel. This also causes unexpected delays and additional expenses on repair.

A circuit breaker timer helps technicians analyze the reaction time of circuit breakers. It simulates overloaded conditions and measures how fast the contacts travel from one point to another. A good example of a tester commonly used is the Doble TR-3100 
circuit breaker timer. It can measure the  mechanical motion and performance of a dead-tank circuit breaker’s contacts. It also conducts timing tests on main contacts, auxiliary contacts and resistor switches. It has a large LCD screen for easy readability of test results. You also have the option to store test results in its 3.5 inch disk drives or print it using its thermal printer. This tester has enough features to diagnose most circuit breaker problems.

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