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Prevent Computer System Malfunctions by Correcting Power Quality Issues

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Computers can constantly lock up or get damaged if your electrical system is plagued with electrical noise. Electrical noise can be caused by poor power quality in the system. It is very important to correct poor power quality to ensure continuous operation of your system. You don’t want system down time to affect your operation and impact your business.

Electrical noise is usually caused by several forms of distortion acting on other electrical components. Spikes, harmonics and voltage changes cause some electrical components to resonate and generate new harmonics. Electrical noise is not only passed down the mains line but also radiated as electromagnetic energy. Bad power quality also not only affects the operation of your equipment but can also increase the power consumption. It is a good idea to have your electrical system assessed for bad power quality to immediately correct the problem. If you don’t have electrical test equipment available, you can rent instead. Rent tools like 
power quality analyzers to help your maintenance team determine the right compensation needed by your electrical system.

Protec can provide you with high quality test equipment at affordable rental rates. Contact ustoday and let a representative assist you with your needs.