Prevent Accidents Caused by Weakened Metal Structures with a DLRO

A weakened welded joint is difficult to spot especially if the problem is not obvious externally. This poses a serious safety hazard to metal structures which can harm personnel. To be able to detect degrading joints, it is important to inspect them for resistance changes.

Changes in resistance of metal joints are a key indicator of internal degradation. Weakened welds, corrosion and contaminants seeping into the joints are some of the factors that affect their resistance. In order to detect small changes, a 
DLRO is used. This low resistance Ohmmeter can measure very low resistances in metal parts. In testing welded joints, the test results are compared to its baseline resistance and if there is a large deviation, this is a sign of a bad welded joint. Detecting problems early can save you time and prevent the risk of harm. You can immediately repair bad joints while the problem is still minor.

Megger DLRO600


Megger DLRO 600 Digital Micro-Ohmmeter



Megger DLRO200-115


Megger DLRO200-115 Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter

A low resistance Ohmmeter is a versatile tool used in detecting problems in electrical connections or welded joints. If you need one for your electrical facility, you should consider renting from Protec. We are a trusted provider of advanced test equipment like DLROs, insulation testers, VLF hipot test sets and more. Contact us today for a rental quote.

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