Preserve Cash by Renting Power Factor Test Equipment

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Fast insulation testing will get your maintenance technician on to other projects with the increased efficiency of the right testing systems while also keeping your business aware of any electrical equipment not operating to its fullest potential. 

Before investing in Megger test equipment or other power factor test systems, try renting the various models first to learn how they function and find the one that best fits your usage needs.

Unless your company has unlimited funds, it probably isn’t practical to buy just any test set. Comparing different models and knowing how they function is one of the easiest ways to determine what model is best for your company. That’s where our equipment rental service can really help you find just the right equipment for your needs. 

Consider Doble test systems like the Doble M4000 and M4100. Both are power factor tests sets and insulation analyzers that will reliably and accurately test high voltage power systems. Additionally each unit comes with a preconfigured laptop at no extra cost to you so that all the data analysis and results you could possibly ask for will be right at your fingertips.

Contact us today to learn more about renting or leasing Doble or Megger test equipment for your business today. Trying before you buy will make the decision process much easier, and our technical support and advice will guide you in the right direction in testing equipment selection.