Prelocate Cable Faults Fast and Easy with the Hipotronics TDR1130A

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For many technicians, long cable installations like in Cable TV, cellular networks and electrical facilities can be difficult to troubleshoot. Finding an insulation defect or broken wire can take a while if you are using a simple multimeter or insulation tester. Just think of going through a cable 10,000 feet long. It would take you forever to find that small spot with the defect.

With the advancement of technology, pinpointing a cable defect can be done in a matter of seconds. Time domain reflectometers are devices used by many technicians to find faults fast and easy. It works like a sonar by sending out a pulse through the cable and timing the return echo. The pulse echoes back when a defect is encountered because the defect changes the impedance of that spot. 

The Hipotronics TDR1130A is a portable device suitable for cable troubleshooting of long installations. It is a TDR that can be integrated with popular thumpers for prelocation and proof testing. It can help minimize cable damage during diagnostics and can identify faults within inches.

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