Preferred Method of Testing Circuit Breakers

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Resistance measurement of contacts is the most common practice in diagnosing switch gear issues. However, the contact response time of the devices should also be considered. A protective device that isn’t quick enough to interrupt during current faults can cause damage to other assets.

Many engineers prefer using a 
DLRO in testing the contact resistance of circuit breakers and protective relays because of its simplicity. But this test method isn’t enough to verify a device’s condition. The contacts open or close timing should be measured to ensure it can quickly protect the facility from over currents. A circuit breaker timer is a test device used for this application. It measures the contact travel time and velocity when a trip signal is injected. Some of the popular models are the CT-6500 from Vanguard test instruments and the Megger CB-832. These models are often used because of the features and their reliability. They offer multi-pole testing capabilities and accurate timing measurements.

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