Precise Battery Internal Condition Testing with Megger Battery Impedance Meters

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Ideally, a battery in good condition has a low internal impedance. Problems like corroded terminals, contaminated electrolytes, inter plate short circuits and other battery defects may increase the internal impedance of the battery. Technicians use this information to test the internal condition of batteries without taking the cells apart. Measuring battery impedance is quicker and predictive compared to expensive load-cycle testing. A battery impedance test also allows technicians to measure string and cell parameters without putting the system offline. Being able to quickly test battery condition allows you to save time and effort. 

Batteries in substations are often used to power equipment for diagnostics or for emergency power in case of electrical system failure. Batteries should always carry a charge and be in good condition in case they are needed. Regular testing can help you find bad cells and replace them immediately. A battery impedance test set helps find defects in batteries that are not detected by ordinary tests like continuity or charge measurement. This device passes an alternating current through the cells and measures the series impedance of the cells. 

With the number of battery impedance meters on the market today, getting the best one can be confusing. It is vital to get the most suitable meter for the application. If you get just any meter and it doesn’t have the features you need, your investment would be wasteful.

For accurate measurements and reliable operation, you might want to check out meters from Megger. This brand is a trusted source of high quality electrical test equipment. You can be confident that you’ll be getting the most out of your investment.

The BITE 2P and BITE 3 are two popular battery impedance meters from Megger. These meters can automatically compute for the impedance of the battery by using the gathered values like voltage drop, interconnection resistance and current. Here is a comparison of the features of each Megger tester to help you determine which meter best suits you.

BITE 2P Megger Meter

This battery impedance meter can determine the internal condition of lead-acid and nickel cadmium batteries up to 7000 Ah. It is designed to give pass/warning/fail computations based on manually entered user baseline values.


  •        Can measure a maximum string voltage of 275 Volts DC
  •        10 Ampere output current
  •        Integrated thermal printer
  •        2×16 LCD screen
  •        Online testing which requires no downtime
  •        No need to discharge battery before testing
  •        Internal memory that can store 2000 sets of readings
  •        Can check charger condition by measuring the AC ripple current
  •        Includes the PowerDB LITE for custom reporting

BITE 3 Megger Meter

The BITE 3 is an advanced meter that allows you to determine the health of lead-acid batteries up to 2000 Ah. It has more features compared to the BITE 3 like ohmic test, inter cell resistance measurement, cell voltage, ripple current, float current and harmonic content.


  •        Runs on WinCE OS
  •        Easy to use
  •        Can store 1 million cells data in any string config
  •        Back-lit VGA LCD screen that shows analysis data and feedback
  •        Includes the PowerDB software for advanced data analysis, trends analysis and data organization
  •        PC connectivity
  •        Customized reporting
  •        Built-in spectrum analyzer
  •        12 V at 5 A output
  •        Can measure impedance from 0.05 mΩ up to 1000 mΩ
  •        Measures voltage from 1 V to 30 V
  •        Measures current from 0.5 A to 99.9 A
  •        0.5% one sigma precision
  •        Battery powered with an operating time of 2 to 4 hours

For quick and basic battery testing, consider getting the Megger BITE 2P. However, if you need a more advanced tester that offers extended features and better data analysis, get the BITE 3. 

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