POWERTEST 2012 Wrap-up

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Wow, is POWERTEST 2012 really over?  As always it was a fully packed week of education, networking and fun.  The Fort Worth, Texas venue was definitely packed with excitement and what appeared to be a very optimistic business view of the year ahead. 

On a social level, the visit to Texas Stadium was definitely impressive and a treat for all who attended.  Shermco Industries and Megger were wonderful hosts.  During the Tuesday hospitality events, I believe everyone would agree with me that Shermco Industries really knows how to throw a party!  The rattlesnake round-up that they sponsored during their hospitality suite kept the crowds mesmerized and entertained.  A special thanks to Circuit Breaker Sales for taking away the headaches associated with breakers … the medical staff you had present in your booth was truly an inspiration to us all.

From the technical front there seemed to be quite a bit of inquiries related to partial discharge.  The inquiries seemed evenly mixed between non-intrusive, on-line PD monitoring and off-line PD detection and location for MV cables.  Protec Equipment Resources will be keeping a close eye on this area of growing interest in partial discharge technologies.   We have already made investments and additions to our rental inventory and will continue to be both a technical resource, as well as rental supplier for PD testing needs.  Another technical topic of discussion that occupied the time I spent at PowerTest 2012 was on the subject of underground cable acceptance and maintenance testing.  We broached discussions on DC versus AC Hipot testing; very low frequency (VLF) versus power frequency; Tan-delta and PD studies.   Having over 20 years of experience in this area, these were some of my favorite topics to discuss and debate.

A special thank-you goes out to all of Protec’s friends at the AVO Training Institute.  AVO sponsored tours of their impressive training facility in Dallas, Texas and asked Protec Equipment Resources to be part of their event as their preferred rental partner.  I had a great time hanging out with AVO’s training instructors, swapping stories and challenging each other’s knowledge on various industry topics.  We are proud to work with such a great team.

As for the Protec Equipment Resources helicopter raffle … our congratulations goes out to Kevin Johnston, Electrical Supervisor at City of Dallas!  We hope you enjoy your new helicopter. We’ll be checking in from time to time to see how your pilot skills are developing.

Well I guess another year of POWERTEST has come and gone.  To all of our clients and friends … See you in New Orleans in 2013!