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Powerful Relay Diagnostics with the ISA T-1000 Relay Test Set

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Relays undergo a lot of electrical and mechanical stress due to the switching of heavy currents. They are often used to control a very high current using a lower and safer current. If you use a simple switch and it fails, the user is at high risk of electrocution and other problems. Relays are also used to protect electrical systems from faults. They cut-out the current to prevent further problems. With the critical role of relays in an electrical system, it is recommended to conduct regular preventive maintenance to ensure safe and continuous operation. You do not want a relay not being able to protect your electrical system in case of a fault. This can result in serious damage, unexpected expenses and interruption of electrical service.

If you are planning to get a relay test set, consider the ISA T-1000 Single Phase Relay Tester. It is microprocessor-controlled and designed to test transducers and relays. It has a phase angle shifter, frequency generator, internal memory and high power outputs. The ISA T-1000 is compact and portable, making it also ideal for field applications.

Protec Equipment Resources can provide you with the testers you need for relay maintenance. Please contact us at 1-866-352-5550 to learn more about our equipment acquisition services.