Powerful Omicron Workhorse Relay Test Set

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If high amp power is what you need for your protection relay test set, then the Omicron CMC356might be just the workhorse you need to get the testing of protection relays complete. This beast of a machine can handle high burden electro mechanics on transformers without breaking a sweat, and its digital technology provides an unmatched reliability even in small amp testing situations.

Overloads and short circuits won’t worry you on this 
electrical test equipment as all outputs are protected from high temperatures and voltage. 

Testing applications are broad on this system with 4 outputs that generate 300 volts each and six current outputs with 32 amps including a maximum capacity of 400 VA per channel. By connecting in parallel, you can also get 64 amps at 850 VA per channel or a single current delivers 128 amps with a max of 1000 VA.

We have the Omicron CMC356 available for rent from either our Chicago or Dallas distribution center so you can rest assured that this relay test set will be available for your job site anywhere in the country. Our rental plans cover daily, weekly, monthly or long term needs. For more information about how to rent equipment from Protec, give us a call on our 24 hour live support line at 866.352.5550.

For more information about the power packed features on the Omicron Workhorse, see the manufacturer’s YouTube video to learn about how this system can meet your protective relay test needs.