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Powerful Cable Fault Locator with the Megger PFL40A System

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Because locating faults on power and communication cable requires some specialized expertise, knowledge and logistics are key elements in performing effective fault locations efficiently. When you understand how cable networks are constructed, it makes testing and measuring results much easier, and technicians need to take time to learn about the cable fault types in order to perform successful diagnostics with a cable fault locator.

When working correctly, power cables efficiently distribute energy, and for tough industrial applications, cables must be reliable and safe for long periods of use. Maintaining these cables to make sure they continue to operate reliably by diagnostic testing is a must for safe and effective future operations.

Megger test equipment such as the Megger PFL40A power cable fault locator system safely and efficiently identifies and isolates faults for a broad range of power distribution cables. This high energy unit is completely portable and can help prevent time lost from costly electrical system outages. The Megger insulation testing runs up to 40 kV, and the unit allows for multiple techniques for fault location including arc reflection, ARP, differential arc reflection, impulse current and voltage decay. The large color screen TDR offers easy reading of results.

For rental of this Megger model or any of your cable testing needs, give us a call. Our friendly and knowledgeable rental professionals can help you find affordable test equipment to meet your needs.