Powerful Cable Fault Locator Solutions with Megger PFL40A

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If you need powerful solutions to find cable faults within your system, then a cable fault locator will be on the top of your to do list really quick. Finding cable test equipment that can reliably and accurately find cable faults can be a job in itself, but with Protec Equipment, our resources allow us to provide all the electrical test equipment needed for you to maintain your systems easily and safely.

Our Megger test equipment line has two powerful cable fault detection systems that can reduce any testing down time and get you back up and running quickly. These whole test approach units can find the fault’s distance all in one unit and then find its location using acoustic and magnetic receivers. The units are small enough to carry in the field but have all the power of systems much larger.

The Megger PFL40A will safely find power distribution cable faults with up to 2,000 joules of energy over voltage ranges between 8 and 34 kV.  The PFL20M1500 model is used for underground residential applications and will detect faults using high energy output by arc reflection.

Whatever your test needs, we offer the solutions to help you preserve cash flow through our weekly, monthly or long term rental program. Give us a call to learn more at 866.352.5550.