Power Testing With Megger Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter

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Megger test equipment comprises of several kinds of instruments which perform different testing functions. Among all the equipment for testing, the Megger digital low resistance ohmmeter is most well known.

These devices provide users with measurements regarding joined conductors. These measurements are used to identify the resistance within metal joints. Usually the gaps within conductors get filled with certain contaminants like dirt, moisture and grease. These in turn introduce higher resistance while subjecting the electrical equipment to failure, through circuit breaks as well as termination of the transformers, along with relay gear apparatus.

Megger Meter such as MOM2 or the 10HD offers testing results which are accurate and reliable. These ohmmeters bring power to the testing equipment in order to deliver quick results. MOM2 has the ability of delivering 200 amps current with battery pack because of low capacitance. Certain instruments by Megger allow connection to personal computers with a purpose of downloading as well as analyzing the testing results.

If you want to buy Megger meters, make sure you try the rental plan first. This way you can test the device before purchasing it, and it will save your money. Affordable Megger rental plans are easily available on the internet.