Power Quality Recording and Analysis with the Fluke 1750

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Comprehensive power quality testing is available with the handheld portable system of the Fluke 1750 Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer and Recorder. There’s nothing like Fluke power quality to provide accurate and reliable measurements in an easy to use instrument.

The unique feature of the 1750 is the wireless handheld PDA that allows for user setup and control using the powerful software provided with this tester. No computer needed. In fact, users may troubleshoot, review data and download results using the simple PDA. The data is stored in the memory card that is directly in the 1750 base unit, and users may operate wirelessly from 45 feet away.

Current probes rated 400A come standard on the unit, and by simply connecting to conductors for phase recording, the 1750 will identify the probe type automatically. Then, the system configures measurements without users needing to modify anything. How’s that for simple operation?

The self learning capability of this Fluke model offers complete test recording and power quality analysis with event capture that is easier than ever before. Learn more about adding this tester to your equipment program by giving us a call today (927) 352-5550 or 1-866-352-5550 or by visiting our online equipment catalog to view our entire inventory of rental and purchase electrical test equipment.