Power Quality Meters from Fluke

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What is power quality?

Power quality is measure of a system’s efficient management of reliable operation of its loads. Power quality determines how well a system can function and makes sure that your equipment gets the optimum conditions required for functioning properly.

Why do you need to monitor power quality?
Power quality is a very important factor wherever electrical instruments are concerned.  A power disturbance may result in physical damage to your equipment resulting in a huge loss. Moreover, low power quality reduces the efficiency of any system and results in lowered productivity. It is important to monitor power quality to get the best out of your electrical equipment.

How to monitor Power quality?
There are many power quality analyzers available today that can help you monitor power quality. However, Fluke power quality meters are best suited for the purpose. They are designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the end user and aim at simplifying the entire procedure. As the pioneer in power monitoring, Fluke makes sure that the equipment is user friendly to reduce effort as well as time.

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