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Power Quality Analyzers You Can Trust

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A power line with a high total harmonic distortion can cause detrimental effects to equipment connected. It can also cause instability and increased power consumption. This can be hard to correct because the source of distortion mostly comes from the equipment connected to the power line. Compressors, ballasts, fluorescent lights and switched-mode power supplies are some of the sources of distortion. 

Power quality analyzers help technicians to breakdown the distortion present in the power line and determine how it should be compensated. Here are some articles that can help you understand the features of popular testers on the market.

The Dranetz PX5 High Performance Power Quality Analyzer is a trusted analyzer that offers portability and flexible testing options. It has a touch screen panel that reduces button clutter.

The Multi-Featured Amprobe DM-III Power Quality Recorder has great features like single and poly-phase power quality analysis, ground and insulation resistance measurements. This tool can save you storage space because it integrates multiple test tools in one.

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