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Power Quality Analyzers Help in Correcting Power Line Problems

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Poor power quality can cause a lot of problems to equipment connected to the power system. Power quality analyzers are tools used to visualize and diagnose power line problems cause by harmonics and transients. This gives the technician an idea on how much conditioning is needed to correct the problem.

Power quality should be tested regularly to ensure that the power conditioning is sufficient. Early detection of problems can prevent larger problems in the future. There are several power quality analyzers available on the market. The 3196 Hioki power quality analyzer is one of the testers commonly used in substations. This tester offers several options for measuring harmonics, transients and variations in voltage and current. However, if you want a simpler interface, consider getting a PX-5 Dranetz power quality analyzer. This tester features a simple touch interface that integrates all the options in its large LCD screen. This is great for technicians who prefer a tool with a one touch function. It is also very portable which makes it ideal for field use.

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