Power Quality Analyzers Help Diagnose Power Line Distortion

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Rectifiers found in AC to DC converters are one of the sources of power line distortion. The clipping of the AC waveform generates spikes and harmonics that are bounced back to the power line. This affects the power quality and its efficiency. It is important to correct the problem to help reduce the bad effects of power line distortion.

Many are not aware that humble devices like AC/DC converters and fluorescent lamps can cause so much trouble in the power line. These non-linear devices causes the power in the line to be distorted and be filled with interference. Other sensitive equipment like televisions can get affected and may be damaged. Poor power quality also increases the losses in the electrical system. It is very important to suppress the harmonics and normalize the waveform of the power line to prevent problems. 
Power quality analyzers are the instruments used to measure THD, TIM, spikes and voltage deviations. These instruments help power companies to compensate the power line correctly.

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