Power Factor Test for Transformers

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Sometimes transformers fail and don’t work anymore. When this happens, you will want the apparatus tested to see what is wrong with it. The things that you can use that will help to assess your transformer is the power factor test, Doble test, and insulation test.

The Doble test is an easy method for evaluating and checking out your transformers. It measures how well the battery is working, power factor, dielectric and how high the voltage is. In the power factor testing, the main thing to do is measure the insulation between the current carrying conductor and the bushing. Another thing to check is if there is moisture in the transformer. For insulation, you might want to use a Megger meter that is commonly used for installing electrical wires. It looks at the insulation value of the wires and finds out what the resistance value is. This equipment also operates on batteries that can generate voltages that range from a thousand to three thousand volts. 
The Megger meter needs to be calibrated and checked at different intervals so that the results that it gets is true.

Using the appropriate tests for detecting if there is anything wrong with your transformer will enable you to keep equipment maintained and repaired quickly if needed. Find the right test equipment for your project from our large inventory available for short and long term rental as well as purchase.