Power Factor Test Diagnoses Insulation Wear and Tear

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The quality of insulation in power transformers is measured using the dissipation or power factor test. The smaller the power factor, the lower the loss in the insulation so that less energy is turned to heat. The power factor level increases through insulation age, water that enters the insulation or partial discharges.  Measure of the power factor is an important diagnostic tool to check the insulation for power transformer equipment and bushings. Detecting low voltage bushing cracks and discharges can be identified properly, and for transformers, diagnostic testing will shows age, water content and conductive particle contamination. These tests will also show breakdown between control layers.

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Testing Procedures for Transformers
 provides an overview of vital diagnostic testing that should be on everyone’s list of maintenance testing for extending the life of equipment.

The Interference Resistant Doble M4000 Power Factor Test provides additional information about the Doble test model M4000 that offers high accuracy during insulation diagnostics. 

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