Power Factor Diagnostics with Doble Testing Equipment

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Power factor testing is one of the common tests for determining the condition of insulators. This test is one of the most comprehensive methods for finding defects in insulation caused by carbonization, water trees and contaminants.

The angle of the current leading the voltage is called the angle theta and the cosine of this is the power factor. A perfect insulator has no watt loss and the power factor is equals to zero. However, insulators are not perfect in real-world conditions. Insulators may have some leakage current and the greater the amount of leakage, the higher the power loss. 

The Doble M4100 Power Factor Test Set is the ideal tool for power factor testing on insulators. This tester has a sinusoidal output, variable from 0 to 12 kiloVolts. 


  •        100 mA continuous output current
  •        Test frequency range from 45 to 70 Hertz with 0.1 Hz resolution
  •        Can measure voltage, current, capacitance, inductance, watts and dissipation factor
  •        EN61010-1 :2001 safety rating compliant
  •        USB and RS232 connections allow PC connectivity for data transfer and results analysis

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