Power Event Characterization and Analysis with the Dranetz PX5 Power Quality Analyzer

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The Dranetz PowerXplorer 5 offers advanced features for power event monitoring and quality analysis. The PX5 has an easy to use, touch screen colored user interface which reduces the need for buttons. The Dranetz PX5 features 8 channels with high-speed sampling that allows you to capture and characterize various power parameters using configurable or standard operating modes. 

The unique capabilities of the PowerXplorer 5 include capture of waveshape, RMS duration, low/medium/high transients through peak, THD, TID, dips and swells. Other features include:

  •        Alternating current and direct current applications
  •        Built-in UPS with charger
  •        1 microsecond high speed sampling per channel
  •        Up to 4 GB Compact Flash Storage
  •        Comes with DRAN-VIEW analysis software
  •        Can be operated through AC or battery power
  •        Remote communications through RS232, LAN or USB
  •        Multi-language support: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Thai, Swedish, Korean, Chinese, Finnish and Japanese
  •        Accurately measures harmonics as specified by IEC 61000-4-7 and flicker as specified by IEC 61000-4-15
  •        IEEE1159, IEEE1453, IEEE519, EN50160 and IEC 61000-4-30 Class A compliant

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