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Portable Waveform Analysis with the Fluke 123 2 Channel Oscilloscope

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Oscilloscopes are tools that electronic and electrical engineers use for visualizing electrical signals. They give insight of what is happening to a system down to the electrical level. If you are thinking of getting one, check out the Fluke 123 2 Channel Oscilloscope.

The 123 2 Channel Oscilloscope from 
Fluke Power Diagnostics is a handheld device with a digital display instead of the old and bulky CRT type. This allows you to carry it around and run diagnostics in places where you cannot bring large equipment. It has a Connect-and-View triggering feature to automatically freeze the waveform for analysis. Its test leads are shielded to prevent radiated interference from affecting the readings. It is powered by batteries which can last up to 7 hours of continuous operation. It features a 20 MegaHertz bandwidth which makes it suitable for most electrical, audio, control and low frequency telecommunication diagnostics. With its great features, this tester makes a good addition to your electrical test equipment.

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