Portable Power with Megger Test Equipment

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Are you ready for the new and improved MOM micro-ohmmeter? Megger test equipment launched the Megger MOM2, which offers unparalleled portability and the first true handheld in its product line.

At only 2.2 pounds, this Megger meter is made for the field and can handle any rough and tough conditions out there. The true power lies in its high current, which will test up to 220 A especially for something in such a small package!

The unit performs resistance measurements on circuit breakers, bus bar joints and other high current linking. Compared to other types of capacitors, the MOM2 stores energy and delivers high currents right when needed. The advanced measurement technology is Megger’s own trademarked DualGround system whereby the object being tested is grounded on all sides in order to provide a safe and quick work flow.

The large display provides readouts in both analog arc and dual digital. For analog readings, the unit displays capacitor charge levels while the dual digital mode offers easy visibility for all test measurement results.

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