Portable Circuit Breaker Test Set by Electrical Test Instruments

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For low voltage testing applications that require direct acting AC circuit breaker tests, the Electrical Test Instruments Portable Circuit Breaker Test Set can test up to 4000 amps. With its two part system, it can easily move in tight spaces. In fact, techs have used this unit for shaft and manhole work that would have been nearly impossible to maneuver if used with standard circuit breaker testing units.

Its more advanced feature offerings include a serial port for connecting computers, printers or other devices for storing or printing of test results, and with its flexible interface, the information can be downloaded into a variety of computer programs. Additionally, the unit is designed to allow for extra electromechanical and solid state trip device testing all without preheating the circuit breaker during the test. Close time errors have been virtually eliminated with the use of digitally controlled SCR, and zero crossovers occur because of the DC offset in waveform. What this means to you is that you can expect accuracy and repeatable results with either short currents when performing instant or short delay trips on a 
circuit breaker timer.

Protec has a variety of circuit breaker test sets available for rental, lease and purchase so contact us for more information about our stock, and how you can acquire your own electrical equipment testing systems.