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Portable and Advanced HVA30 AC and DC hipot

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High potential testing is one of the diagnostic tests for assessing insulation reliability of cables. This test simply applies a very high voltage to the test sample and checks if the insulator can handle the test voltage. If there are any defects in the insulator like chaffing or contaminants, a flashover will form and the tested cable will eventually break down.

If you are thinking of getting a hipot tester, you might be interested in the HV Diagnostics HVA30 Hipot. It is an advanced high potential tester that has a DC and AC output that lets you test not only medium voltage cables but also other electrical components like transformers, switchgears, motors and bushing.


  •        Internal storage of test results
  •        30 kiloVolts symmetrical sinewave output
  •        Built in insulation resistance and capacitance meter
  •        RMS meter
  •        VLF or DC hipot mode
  •        Ergonomic and backlit user interface
  •        5 μF load capability
  •        Automated load capacitance measurement and optimum selection of frequency
  •        Automatic and manual testing mode
  •        Accessories included:

o   Ground cable

o   Manual

o   Power cable

o   HV Diagnostics software

o   USB to RS232 adapter

o   RS232 cable connector

o   High voltage output cable

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