Popular Power Quality Analyzers You Might Want to Consider Investing In

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Some of the popular analyzers on the market today are Dranetz, Fluke, AEMC and Hioki power quality analyzers. However, these testers offer different and unique features. You can read some of the articles below to help you understand what suits your needs. This lets you have an idea about the features of the testers instead of relying on their technical specifications only.

In-depth Power Line Waveform Distortion with the Dranetz PX5 discusses the features of the PowerXplorer 5 by Dranetz. It also compares the PX5’s capability of measuring harmonics with other models.

Comprehensive Power Quality Analysis with the Fluke 435 Analyzer talks about the 435’s ability to analyze power distortion in single and three phase power systems. It also talks about special features like using zoom and cursor functions for power quality trends.

How the Amprobe DM-III Power Quality Analyzer Can Save You Money discusses the multi-function capability of the DM-III and its power saving features.

You can further evaluate these analyzers by renting them. These analyzers are available from Protec Equipment Resources. We also offer other test equipment like ground testers, MegOhmmeters and more. Contact us for a complete list of equipment available in our inventory.