Popular GE Secondary Injection Testers for Diagnosing Problems in Protective Devices

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In order to test protective devices, technicians use tools that simulate the operating and fault conditions to determine if the protective devices are still within the normal rating. These devices also have the ability to generate the trip signal to assess if the circuit breaker will react to the signal. Here are some of the popular circuit breaker testers used by technicians:

GE PST1-1 Secondary Injection Test Set

A portable device that allows easy testing of Power Sensor Trip Devices like the PS-1, PS-1A-1 and PS-1A which are attached to AK and AKR low voltage circuit breakers. This test set allows you to test the logic control unit, magnetic trip device, PSU and the wiring.

GE TAKTS2 Secondary Injection Tester

This circuit breaker test set allows you to diagnose problems in SST and ECS trip devices connected to AK and AKR low voltage circuit breakers. It can also test VersaTrip Mod 2 types connected to molded case circuit breakers or Power-Break circuit breakers.

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