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Popular Battery Testing Equipment You May Want to Check Out

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There are several battery testers offered on the market. However, not every tool can give accurate and fast test results. If you are thinking of investing in battery testers, you might want to check out popular test equipment.

SBS IBEX-1000P Battery Impedance Meter is used to measure the internal impedance of batteries. It measures impedance by passing an alternating current through the battery and measuring the voltage drop. A good battery has a low internal impedance since the plates and electrolytes are still reactive. Once the electrolyte becomes inert, the impedance increases.

Megger Torkel 860 Battery Load Unit is used to test for battery capacity. This tester is attached to a battery and it slowly discharges the cell. This allows the tester to determine the charge capacity of the storage battery.

SBS 2002 Hydrometer is used to test the specific gravity of the electrolyte. The specific gravity determines the charge state of the battery. Unlike other hydrometers, it measures specific gravity using light refraction. This shortens the testing time to a few seconds saving you time and effort.

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