Poor Power Quality Should Not be Neglected Because This Can Cause Problems in the Future

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The symptoms of poor power quality are often manifested by the equipment attached to the power line. Reduced speed fans or air conditioning units, flickering lights and interference in electronic equipment are some of the symptoms of poor power quality. It is important to correct this problem because it can shorten the operating life of the equipment connected to the power line.

Minimizing power line distortion can be difficult because most of the tools we use every day are sources of distortion. The only way we can handle this is by determining the amount of distortion and correcting it using compensation banks made of inductors, capacitors or a combination of both. Dranetz power quality analyzers are one of the commonly used tools in diagnosing power line problems. Dranetz offers lightweight, feature packed and accurate analyzers which are ideal for industrial use. Some models also offer a touch screen display to reduce the clutter on the control panel. All the necessary buttons are found in the screen. If you don’t have the budget to purchase
power quality analyzers, rent one instead. You can get high quality and advance equipment at affordable rates.

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