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PFL40A Cable Fault Locator for Quick and Easy Detection of Cable Faults

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Having to drag test equipment to test cables can be a hassle. If you want a complete cable testing system, consider checking out the PFL40A fault locator from Megger. This system integrates the necessary equipment in one tool saving you time and effort.

PFL40A makes cable diagnostics easier and faster because it has all the testing functions you need in one tool. It features multiple cable fault pre location options like differential arc reflection, arc reflection plus, arc reflection, voltage decay, impulse current and time domain reflectometry. This provides you testing options that are suitable depending on the cable fault. It can also proof burn up to 40 kiloVolts to stabilize the fault for easier pinpointing. This cable fault locator has a surge output of 1500 to 2000 Joules which is sufficient for most cable faults. It has safety features like emergency stop, safety beacon and safety interlock switch to protect the user during operation.

Make fault pre location easy with the PFL40A. Rent one from Protec Equipment Resources at rates easy on your budget. Our specialists are ready to assist you with your testing needs. You can call our specialists at 1-866-352-5550 to learn more about our services.