Performance Testing with DC and VLF Hipots

Hipotronics 100HVT 100kV 5kVA AC HipotWhen it comes time to test substations or medium voltage insulation testing, both DC Hipot and VLF Hipot technologies are can be uniquely helpful in their applications. 

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The DC Hipot (High Potential) test equipment can provide the ability to test both dielectric strength and the resistance of electrical insulation. Application of this type of testing equipment is for the purpose of characterizing the insulating qualities of materials that are used as electrical barriers between energized portions of the electrical system.  The energized components must be insulated for the purpose of ensuring safety and power system reliability.  When utilizing this specialized equipment, care should be taken to avoid environmental extremes of temperature and humidity that can influence the comparative diagnostic capabilities related to this type of measurement. 

VLF Hipot (Very Low Frequency AC High Potential) test equipment is sometimes preferred for field testing applications of electrical cables. Power requirements are considerably reduced when applying test equipment that operates well below the power system frequency; making it lighter and more practical for field use.   Additionally, VLF testing has become favored within the industry because of it’s reduce potential for leaving residual charges that can contribute to premature degradation of cable insulation. VLF testing can successfully be used to break down cable and generator defects while reducing the possibility for leaving potentially degrading electrical charges in the insulating material when placed into service. 

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Hipotronics 100HVT 100kV 5kVA AC Hipot

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on July, 2011 and has been updated freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.