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Perform Testing of Power Semiconductors with the Larkin M3K

Larkin M3KThe Larkin Power Components Power Semiconductor Tester – Model M3K is designed to perform testing of power semiconductors, such as, SCRs/Thyristors, Diodes, IGBTs, Transistors, and most MOS FETs.

The Cathode (Emitter) of the device under test is operated near ground potential.

The Larkin Power Components Power Semiconductor Tester – Model M3K performs three tests:

• PFV (Peak Forward Voltage)

• PRV (Peak Reverse Voltage)

• Gate Voltage and Current to trigger (Base Current for Transistors)

The test circuits are of the type recommended by the JEDEC test standards RS397. The PRV/PFV tests applies a PEAK REVERSE VOLTAGE or PEAK FORWARD VOLTAGE, half wave 60 Hertz wave form to the device and the resulting peak leakage current is measured by a peak storage circuit and displayed on a peak reading ammeter.

The E/I curve of the device can be displayed on an X/Y oscilloscope. The DC Gate test is used to measure the DC gate voltage and current required to trigger the device into its On-state. The Anode (Collector) supply is half wave 60 Hertz wave form.

The Larkin M3K provides a Gate Voltage high enough to test for turn-on of IGBTs and MOS FETs. Both NPN and PNP bipolar transistors can be tested.

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