Perform Maintenance Checks Efficiently with Vanguard CT-6500 Circuit Breaker Timer

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The most common electrical incidences can often be prevented through regular maintenance checks and equipment monitoring. Mistakes on wiring can make your equipment continue on running even after you’ve turned it off as the switch may not work properly. If you don’t catch it early, it may lead to a non-fatal electric shock but a serious problem nonetheless. An electric shock can damage your equipment, which may require rewiring and testing the whole equipment to make sure everything is in proper working condition. Electrical overload happens when excess amount of electricity passes through a circuit, which may cause the breaker to trip. 

To ensure that your circuit breakers are in optimum condition, you should conduct regular testing through the use of 
Vanguard test equipment CT-6500 Circuit Breaker Timer. This equipment allows you to use the same input channel to determine the main and insertion-resistor contact. With this tool, you can still test contact travel even during maintenance procedures. You can also measure bounce back, velocity, over travel and stroke using its three transducer channels.

You can rent this equipment from Protec and receive the following tools to help you conduct proper testing: 

  •        Extension Cables
  •        Lead Bag
  •        Power Cord
  •        Trigger Cables
  •        Equipment Software Manual

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