Pentameter 835110 for Compact Megger Test Equipment

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When it comes to powerful system measurements for protective relays, the Megger Meter835110 has you covered. Combining all the range of a RMS voltmeter, ammeter and phase angle meter all in one handy unit means that you can worry less about carrying multiple pieces of equipment to take care of needed tasks while out in the field.

The ease of portability is just one of the elements that make this pentameter a go-to tool by
Megger test equipment. There are 5 functions that aid in this equipment’s easy to use interfacing:

  •        Voltage – the Megger Pentameter provides 2 circuits with auto range capability, large digital display in four digits and measurements for true RMS or average response with accuracy levels up to 650 volts in AC or DC.
  •        Current – two functioning inputs with 100 amp current capacity.
  •        Phase – a phase meter with full 360 degrees comparison capability on two measuring channels.
  •        Frequency – on either channel, the input provides resolution and accuracy of .01 hertz.
  •        Time – the meter also offers an auto range timer for accurate display of input waveform cycles.

Kilowatt reading is also available if users set channels to both voltage and current at the same time. For relay testing, the timer stop input will freeze the last function readings for accurate testing of trip conditions.

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