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Packing Parachutes

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You’ve probably seen the email going around about Charlie Plumb, the motivational speaker who ejected from his damaged jet over Vietnam.  The story is worth… Read More »Packing Parachutes

Storms on the horizon?

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With tropical storm already underwaymay be a harbinger of what the remainder of the year will look like. Many of us are successfully putting a cap on the threats to our business, as is happening with the current oil leak in the gulf.  However, as the economic storms loom over us, we may have to delay those efforts until the storms blow over.

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Hello Midwest!

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Protec was founded several years ago and has had operations in Texas since that day. Recently we opened our second office in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I am excited about what the office will mean to our customers in Chicago as well as the surrounding states. Our goal has always been to make our customers as profitable as possible and this new office is a perfect example of that.

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Tomorrow or Yesterday? Protec Makes Renting Easy

Doble F6150 Relay Testing SystemWhen people call us to rent test equipment that is the first question we generally ask. Generally the answer is “Yesterday, but I will settle for tomorrow”, we laugh and then go about the business of making the magic that is equipment rental happen.

At Protec, we aren’t surprised by how often people needed equipment immediately – it’s all part of the business.

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