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Optimizing Your Electrical System to Save Money

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Keeping your electrical facility well maintained will not only reduce repair costs caused by equipment failure but this can also help you maximize the operating life of your equipment. It is important to regularly schedule preventive maintenance checks so you can address problems immediately before they get out of hand.

Poor power quality has detrimental effects to the electrical system. It causes electromagnetic interference radiation, increase power losses, induce localized heating and damage sensitive equipment. Power distortion may be difficult to address because the equipment connected to the power line may be the source of distortion. In order to reduce the bad effects of distorted power, the electrical noise should be broken down into its basic distortion components with 
power quality analyzers. After isolating the electrical distortion, the technician can now determine how much compensation is needed to correct the problem. Other electrical test equipment should also be used to check for poor insulation and terminal connections.

Protec Equipment Resources can supply you with the diagnostic tools you need to optimize your electrical system. We have a wide range of tools from major brands to suit your preferences. You can give us a call at 1-866-352-5550 to for additional details about our rental plans.