Optimize Furnaces with Bacharach Combustion Analyzer

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During the winter months when residential furnaces are operating at full capacity for longer periods of time especially in colder climates, it is important that they are properly maintained so that they perform more efficiently and don’t waste energy or costly resources while running. Families also rely on safe appliances to provide the services needed without bringing harm to loved ones or the property itself.

Bacharach Combustion Analyzer monitors the furnace to make sure it is performing optimally while also helping technicians quickly and easily adjust it when needed. The analyzer is designed to conduct combustion tests, CO2 safety and draft testing as well as differential pressure testing. All this testing capability is provided from just one small handheld unit. Additionally, service techs can measure the level of oxygen, ambient and combustion air temperatures and carbon monoxide. 

The unit comes with its own carrying case, probe, hose assembly and optional wireless printer to document testing results. Running on four alkaline batteries, the unit is designed to offer 18 hours of operational time and comes with an auto power save feature to prolong battery life. 

Using the Bacharach is as simple as turning it on, selecting fuel to measure, inserting probe and reading display. You’ll love the great features and appreciate our service in providing you quality test and measurement equipment for reliable use out in the field, in the office or lab. Contact ustoday to request a quote for the test equipment rental you need for your business.