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One Stop Solution with Doble Relay Test Set Systems

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Simulating the action of relay operation is the main component of any good relay test set. Making sure relays are in optimal working condition promises to keep equipment running smoothly for a long time to come. Doble relay testers are some of the most reliable and advanced test equipment on the market today. Engineered to offer flexible testing with high currents and quality software analysis, their entire line makes electrical equipment testing quick and easy.

The benefits of using Doble for relay testing is that all units run on sophisticated technology using the best software designed for complete simulation testing of relays. Their rugged portability provides a one stop solution without the need for additional equipment in the lab or field.

Here at Protec we offer Doble testing equipment to provide companies with the ability to schedule a regular system of maintenance tests for preserving electrical apparatus and helping to prevent premature equipment failure. 

Doble F2253 Single Phase Relay Tester – reproduces signals to perform testing of integrity and application on protective schemes and relays. This system runs steady or dynamic state simulations as well as transient testing. 

Doble F2500 Single Phase Relay Testing Set
 – this system offers portable and reliable testing of protective relays for field or lab work. 

Doble F2700 Single Phase Tester – this instrument is a high powered tester using voltage and current sources for flexible testing of relays and calibration of transducers and meters. 

Doble F6150 Three Phase Relay Testing Unit – this simulator offers high powered performance with the latest software technology to allow for full simulations on protection schemes and relays.