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Olympus IPLEX RT Videoscope Provides Exceptional Image Quality

Olympus_IPLEX-RTThe Olympus IPLEX RT Videoscope provides unsurpassed image quality, is user‐friendly, and boast a portable design. The videoscope is ideal for inspectors who require uncompromised and precise inspections.

The Olympus IPLEX RT Videoscope weighs just 2.9 kg/ 6.4 lb including the two‐hour operating Li‐ion battery. The compact and portable design allows for not only to easily ship or transport the Olympus IPLEX RT Videoscope to inspection sites but to smoothly carry it to difficult-to-access locations.

Exceptional Image Quality

• Bright and sharp image quality

• Recorded images and movies in high quality

• Expanded image adjustment capability for optimum inspections

• Large 6.5 in. monitor


Operation with Ease

• Portable multi‐position design for comfortable inspections at any site

• Wide scope variation covering expanded inspection demands

• Excellent scope maneuverability with TrueFeelTM and Tapered FlexTM technologies

• Intuitive and quick operation


Rugged and Durable

• Heavy‐duty system compliant with MIL‐STD and IP55

• High‐durability insertion tube withstanding crush and abrasion

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