Olympus IPLEX RT Videoscope is Reliable Even in Harsh Environments

Olympus_IPLEX-RTThe Olympus IPLEX RT Videoscope’s unique PulsarPic™ image processor reduces noise and sharpens images, resulting in an exceptionally high resolution image. 

The Olympus IPLEX RT Videoscope can record inspected images to a removable USB flash drive as JPEG still images and MPEG–4 movies. The improved image quality of recorded images and movies enables accurate image diagnosis not only in the field but also at the office with the use of our free image management software, InHelp viewer.

Featuring a unique image processing capability, WiDER™, which brings out the darkest areas of an image without washing out the details of the brighter regions, and the innovative technology  of the Olympus IPLEX RT, provides optimum inspections of large areas or even highly reflective areas. 

Weighing just 2.9 kg/ 6.4 lb, and including the two‐hour operating Li‐ion battery, the compact and portable design of the IPLEX RT allows you not only to easily ship or transport to inspection sites, but it can also be easily carried to difficult-to-access locations.

The IPLEX RT is rugged and durable for reliable performance even in harsh environments, passing impact tests that included vibration and a drop from a height of 1.2 m/ 3.9 ft. 

The IPLEX RT complies with internationally recognized Military Standards (MIL‐STD‐810F and MIL-STD‐461F) as well as IP55, passing a range of severe environmental tests, such as blowing rain/dust, high humidity, and icing rain. In addition, the daylight view monitor featuring low-reflection displays clear images even under bright sunlight. 

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