Oil Dielectric Testing with the OTS-60PN 60kV Megger Insulation Oil Tester

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Transformers often use insulating oil as a dielectric because of its resistance and it also serves as a heatsink because it dissipates heat well. However, oil dielectrics can be contaminated with water and elements that can make it conductive. This can causes unwanted current to flow and damage the transformer.

Oil dielectric testing should be done regularly to prevent unexpected delays during operation. The Megger OTS-60PB 60kV Oil Dielectric Test Set is one of the most common testers used for this application. It has an internal 12 Volts rechargeable battery which allows you to use it in places with no access to electrical mains and a rugged steel case to handle harsh conditions. This makes it portable and ideal for field applications. It features a powerful microprocessor to give you fast and accurate results. Test results are displayed on its bright LED display which is readable in poorly-lit and bright conditions. It has a safety interlock switch to protect the user during operation.

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