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Offline Partial Discharge Testing of MV Cables in the Field

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LIVE WEBINAR: August 29, 2012

Host Craig Goodwin  //  HV Diagnostics Inc.

Craig Goodwin holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering and has spent the last 20 years working in the fields of cable testing, cable fault location and cable diagnostics in both the field and research environment. He has worked on cable research projects with organizations such as ERPI, Neetrac-GA Tech, and Department of Energy. He is also a working group committee member of the new IEEE400 IEEE400.2 and IEEE400.3 standards covering the field testing of medium voltage shielded power cables. He is the author of several technical presentations and papers and is an active member of the IEEE, ASTM and ICC standard committees. He currently holds the position of technical specialist for HV Diagnostics Inc – a world leader in developing and supplying cable testing and diagnostic test equipment for industrial, utility and the power generation industries.


•  What is PD?
•  Where can it occur in a cable?
•  Where can it not occur?
•  How to detect and locate PD in a Cable
•  Examples of PD Measurements