Now Rent Summit Technology’s 15k Voltage Probe Set from Protec

Summit-Tech_Voltage-Probe-SetNow you can connect directly to 12,500V power systems with the Summit Technology 15k Voltage Probe Set with Hot Sticks, allowing for complete analysis.

Traditionally, professionals who wished to measure 12,500 volt lines needed to locate a PT (potential transformer) and then connect to the low voltage output secondary of the PT.  The Summit Technology 15k Voltage Probe Set with Hot Sticks are capable of connecting directly to 15 kilovolts, therefore, bypassing the PT and avoiding any phase shift and linearity problems introduced by it. The probes also allow for direct connection at any point of interest whether PTs already exist or not.

Summit Technology 15k Voltage Probe Set with Hot Sticks specifications:

Each 15KVP is 16 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter.

Connection to high voltage lines is done via an open hook

The output is linear to within ±2% for voltages between 2,400 and 15,000 Vrms.

For measuring harmonics attenuation declines 1 db from 50 to 900 Hz (11% attenuation at 15th harmonic of 60 Hz or 18th harmonic of 50 Hz).

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