Non-Contact Thermometers For Safe Temperature Measurements

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Non-contact thermometers or pyrometers are exceptional tools that let you measure the temperature of an object from a distance. This is helpful in assessing the temperature of moving equipment like motors where temperature probes cannot be used. 

A non-contact thermometer works by measuring the amount of infrared energy an object emits. A certain temperature emits a certain wavelength of infrared energy. This information is used to determine the exact temperature of an object. There are several non-contact thermometers offered on the market. Fluke power measuring instruments are one of the most popular brands that offer pyrometers. You might want to check out the Fluke 63 or Fluke 66 non-contact thermometers. The Fluke 66 offers a temperature measuring range of -32 to 600 degrees Celsius. If you need to measure higher temperatures, opt for the Fluke 63. It has the capability to measure temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius. You should consider getting these tools because they will greatly complement your 
high voltage test equipment.

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