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New to Protec’s Rental Inventory – Megger TORKEL 950 Battery Load Unit

Megger TORKEL 950 Battery Load UnitThe Megger TORKEL 950 Battery Load Unit is utilized to perform load and discharge testing on batteries of up to 500V with a maximum discharge current of 220A.

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With this additional capacity the TORKEL 950 is suitable for batteries in essential infrastructure such as telecommunications masts and it is possible to daisy-chain TORKEL or TXL Load Units to increase capacity.

The TORKEL 950 can test batteries without disconnecting them from the mains and allows testing at constant current, power or resistance, or in a pre-set load profile, for fully comprehensive testing.

Batteries can be positively or negatively grounded or free floating and the TORKEL 950 is capable of measuring battery current via an optional DC clamp probe. Accuracy is enhanced by inputs for separate sensing cables which negate the effects of voltage drop caused by long cables or high current.

Readings are shown on the Megger TORKEL 950’s 7” color touch screen and they are also saved to the internal memory. Once downloaded via the USB port, data can be collated and analyzed using TORKEL Viewer software which is supplied as standard. The USB port allows data transfer using the supplied USB memory stick as well as communication with a BVM cell voltage logger. When used in combination with a BVM unit, the TORKEL 950 can act as a standalone discharge test system.

Megger TORKEL 950 Battery Load Unit features:

  • Suitable for batteries between 12V and 500V
  • 220A maximum discharge
  • Test at constant power, resistance or current
  • Pre-set test option available
  • No need to disconnect batteries
  • Emergency stop function
  • 7” color touch screen
  • Works with BVM functionality
  • TORKEL Viewer software
  • Alarm warns of voltage drop

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