Need to Assess Transformer Winding Deformation? Consider Using the Doble M4110 Leakage Reactance Module

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The constant thermal expansion and contraction of transformer components can cause severe mechanical stress. The core and the windings of the transformer may get deformed after a while of operation. When this happens, the mutual inductance of the windings may change and affect the transformer ratio which can cause problems in the electrical system. Also, if neglected, the constant thermal and mechanical stress can result in the failure of the transformer.

To diagnose winding problems, a lot of electricians use the Doble M4110 Leakage Reactance Module. It measures the leakage reactance or short-circuit impedance of transformer windings. The measured values are compared to the baseline data found in the nameplate of the transformer. These electrical values indicate the winding the gravity of winding deformation.

It can measure impedance ranging from 0.1 to 700 Ω and inductance from  250 μH up to +/- 10μH. This Doble test set is only 35 lbs which makes it more portable compared to other test modules. This makes it suitable not only for industrial but also for field diagnostics.

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