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Need Equipment in Two Places at Once?

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A customer in Wisconsin recently called about a circuit breaker job that was rapidly approaching in Louisiana. 

Their high current set was in use on an existing job and they were cautious about arriving on the site in Louisiana without experience using our test set.

Fortunately we were able to come up with a two-step plan.

I sent an ETI PI-1600B high current set from my office in Illinois to their place in Wisconsin. Shipping was very cost-effective and the techs that would be traveling to Louisiana were able to familiarize themselves with the unit. 

A few days later the Protec Equipment Resources office in Texas office shipped one of their PI-1600 units to their job.

Shipping costs were minimal, they were able to demonstrate their expertise from the moment they stepped onto the job, and everything went smoothly.

Working with customers in creative ways to make their job a success is one of the most satisfying parts of this job, so if you need the same piece of equipment in multiple places give us a call.